Non-NHS Fees

Private Fees Charged For Non-NHS Work As Of October 2017

The list of below of medical certificates, examinations and forms fall outside the remit of NHS work that General Practitioners are reimbursed for.

Therefore the following fees will apply for these services and the non-NHS fee that will be charged for this private work:-

Army medical £130
Child entertainment form £25
Driving licence examination for over 70 years £130
Driving licence examination for over 70 years – report only £65
Employment medical and report £130
Employment – report only £65
Fitness to travel (no examination) £30
Fitness to travel (with examination) £80
HGV examination £130
Holiday cancellation £40
Insurance forms – PPP, BUPA, etc. £30
Insurance company reports for GP to complete £100
Letter for medication to be taken on flight £25
Private sick note £20
Private prescription £15
Private letters “to whom it may concern” (Dr Colvin) £30
Private letters “to whom it may concern” (Dr Isinkaye) £30
Paper records for patients / notes 0.15p / sheet
Pre-employment or employment medical £130
Sport fitness examination for professional body (pilots, diving etc.) £130
Sport fitness – report only £65
Taxi driver examination £130

*Any ad hoc forms that need signing will be passed to the GPs and a discretionary charge will be made.

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Local Services, Let