Prescribing of over the counter medicines is changing

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Click here to download a patient information leaflet

Click here to download an easy read patient information leaflet


Please be aware that the Surgery will no longer be fulfilling any hospital discharge or outpatient prescriptions in accordance with West Essex CCG requirements.

Any prescriptions that have been given to you upon hospital discharge or from outpatients must be fulfilled by the discharging hospital and NOT Abridge Surgery.

Unfortunately if you present your hospital discharge prescription at the Surgery you will be asked to return to the hospital to collect your medication.

Thank you in advance for your understanding

Abridge Surgery & West Essex CCG

Ordering a Prescription

Option 1: Talk to your pharmacist

The best and easiest way to organise your repeat medication is to ask your pharmacy including requesting and picking up prescriptions from the surgery and in some cases delivering it your house.

Option 2: Order your prescription online

This will take you directly to our online prescription request page where you will need a user name and password. If you do not yet have these you will need to come to the practice reception in person to request them.

Click here to access systmonline (will open a new window)

Option 3: Order your prescription in writing

Requests for prescriptions can be made to us directly in writing by bringing in prescription request form, sending an email request to or posting a written request to us. Where necessary

Please make sure you provide precise details of your medication including the exact drug name and dosage for each item.

We do not accept requests or issue prescriptions by telephone or fax.

The only exception for telephone requests are for housebound patients only.

It takes 72 hours (three complete working days) to process requests.

You can continue to post your routine prescription requests in the post box located outside by the main entrance.  Please use the form and return the completed form to the practice.

Alternatively, if you are registered for on-line services please order your repeat medications via the link on this web site. 

If you would like to register for on-line services please contact Reception.

Remember therefore to make allowances for weekends and public holidays, and do try not to let your stock of medication at home get too low or run out altogether.

If you wish, we can arrange for your prescription to be sent electronically to your nominated chemist – Ask your pharmacist for details.

Any unnecessary prescription telephone requests do take up valuable time on the telephone which can be used to book appointments for waiting patients – we thank you for your understanding.

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